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Peninsula Plumbing S.A. specialises in installing, repairing and replacing gas fittings for all of your indoor and outdoor needs. Whether you want to hook up a fireplace or repair a hot water tank, our trained gas fitter in Moonta, SA takes care of various connections to your residential or commercial gas system. 

Residential Gas Fitting

Gas services, whether you need fittings or repairs, require the experience of qualified plumbers. At Peninsula Plumbing S.A., we tailor our services so your natural gas lines function more reliably and safely than ever. Our plumbers have the knowledge to properly hook appliances to their gas feeds.

We also test units, make necessary adjustments and ensure that everything meets safety and compliance standards. Additionally, we provide routine inspections and cleanings to make sure that units work at peak efficiency, save fuel and reduce pollution.

Commercial Gas Fitting

Commercial properties can also benefit from specialty gas pipes and fittings. With many years of experience serving the commercial sector, we offer fast response times and carry a large stock of parts, equipment and spares.

From schools and care homes to hospitals and businesses, our gas fitter in Moonta, SA has the expertise to successfully take your business's energy efficiency to the next level.

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Whether you already use or you want to use natural gas in your home or business, Peninsula Plumbing S.A. provides the gas fitting services you need. We use the finest equipment and tools, which ensures that your gas lines are secure and safe. Call our gas fitter in Moonta, SA on 0418 826 721 to schedule an appointment.