Our Hot Water Systems in the Yorke Peninsula

Peninsula Plumbing SA Pty Ltd understands just how critical it is to have a working hot water system. In Moonta, SA, we provide hot water solutions via prompt assessments, repairs and—when needed—product replacements. Our expansive inventory, competitive pricing and industry experience makes us your plumbing resource at any time, especially in an emergency.


Sediment accumulation is the most common problem affecting hot water systems in Moonta, SA. As water heats, magnesium and calcium build up within your system. If the minerals aren’t filtered, they build up and affect your system's performance over time. A yellow flame may also indicate incomplete burning, poor performance and carbon monoxide production.

If your hot water system needs repair, we offer prompt emergency service and repairs, 24/7.


To select the correct hot water system for your needs, Peninsula Plumbing assesses your system and considers your budget. We also pay special attention to:

·          Energy requirements

·          System size

·          Features

·          Space considerations

We carry a wide range of hot water systems for your home or business. Each system is efficient, reliable and safe. If you would like more information on our brands, please contact us with your questions. Then, we'll be happy to remove your old system and promptly install a new one.


Regular system maintenance can extend the life of your system and prevent potential problems. At Peninsula Plumbing, our expert team routinely checks your water heater to ensure that it is in proper working order for future use.

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If you are running out of hot water or have a hot water system leak, contact Peninsula Plumbing on 0418 826 721. From draining boilers to venting radiators, we repair and service it all. Choose us when you need repair or installation for your hot water system in Moonta, SA.